October 9, 2009

Buy Cheap Flowers Online In Indonesia

In my birth country Indonesia, buy cheap flowers online on the internet not very popular. The society there prefer to give a gift for birthday, valentine's day, wedding anniversary or for wedding directly to the shop or through a florist ( not online florist ) that usually recommended by a friend. Buying in this way can be more effective because we can see directly the quality of  we want to buy and choose a direct interest which is suitable for the celebration we celebrate, not through brochures or ads that can sometimes be misleading. Delivery and how to order directly to the store is also faster because the distance is closer shipping.
The habit of buying cheap flowers directly to the shop by the majority of Indonesian people is probably because people of Indonesia is still not much is understood about the Internet, according to their position as the country was still called developing countries. There are some cheap online flower shops in several cities provide services and direct shipping services, but less desirable. The habits of Indonesian society who prefer to interact directly between individuals make delivery services like that do not go well. Only a small part of the rich and those offices with large salaries who want to take advantage of this service. Perhaps also because people are lazy to be bothered with the affairs of the celebration with a gift that they are not too important. Or because they want to look more elegant, exclusive, or glamorous. For them it is a lifestyle and a little spending money for them is not a problem. And they will get a reputation for a while. Indonesia is not a country that has developed as American, British, French, German or Spanish who have a stable economy. Communities in the periphery areas in Indonesia are still many who are poor with inadequate education. That is why the use of the Internet in Indonesia only in certain areas, particularly in urban areas. While in the villages still need a lot of the infrastructure improvements by the government. This is what should be considered by the Indonesian government to not only deal with education and economic progress in the city, but also education and the economy for its citizens residing in the villages, so that Indonesia could become a developed country.

I hope my story about Indonesia could bring some new knowledge for you about the traditions, the habits, culture and behavior of people in Indonesia.

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