September 5, 2009

Flower arranging tips for Valentine's Day

Flower arranging tips for Valentine's Day

Flower arrangements are often used for various occasions, either party or holiday. Although the choice in the market is diverse, you can also create your own bouquets.

In addition to the more efficient, any variation of flower arrangements can be tailored to our tastes and desires. So the results can not lose with that sold at the flower shop /Cheap Flowers Online refer a few flowers the following key:

1. Proportional
All parts of the circuit is a unified whole interconnected. Therefore, make sure the circuit was balanced from all sides, both from the front, rear, top, bottom, sides vertical, horizontal or diagonal. To make it easier, find the midpoint of the circuit and give a sign like flowers in the flower shop.

For example with ornamental flowers that have colors, types and different sizes of flowers around her. In addition to balanced in size and shape, must also be balanced in color and type of flowers used. Dark-colored flowers seem heavier than light-colored, for example.

For the vase, adjust the size and shape with great style and design floral arrangements will be made. Ideally, a large circuit is half or more than one large container used. Existing arrangement of flowers at the florist could not forever be balanced symmetrically. Flower arrangement should be retained as long asymmetrical balance point of view at a certain point.

2. Contrast
Flower arrangement would be attractive if it varies, but still visible contrast as a whole. Sequence variations can be made by adding various types of ornamental flowers, color combinations, size, texture, shape and number of flower stems are used. Do not hesitate to use your imagination and creativity in arranging.

The use of one type of form or color of flowers in one circuit will still look good if made the contrast and harmony with the surroundings. For example, there are flowers on a red Flowers For Sale will look more alive and have added value if placed in a room of white or pastel background.

3. Harmonious
In order to look beautiful and natural, make sure all the elements in the circuit was matched to one another as in the Flowers Online. Starting from vases, flowers, additional accessories, such as twigs or leaves, until a series of styles and themes you want to display or can also be found in the cheap flowers online shop.

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