October 18, 2009

Choose The Best Flowers

Here we give some tips on selecting and ordering flowers / flower arrangements through the online florists board (online flower shop) in some writings. For this time we present tips and tricks board ordered flowers (flower board) from the flower shop signs;
1. Proximity Relations.
Determine How close was your relationship with the recipient of bouquets you sent. Although sometimes trivial, it is very important. So you can give the best according to you, in terms of delivery time of  flower shop. This means you can ask the florist for wedding flowers delivered as a series of 2-3 hours before the ceremony began. So if you can claim to be late to the seller.

2. Flower size (for flower board)
You should consider the size of your board of flowers to give the board a flower shop. Do not be fooled by price. The larger flower arrangements from the florist board would be more expensive. If you see your close relationship with your clients this would not be a problem. But keep in mind that the size of a large arrangement of flowers would be more aesthetic value than small. The default rate measures the board is 2 × 1.20 m. Relative price generally depends on the seller 350rb to 700rb. For the business relationship should you choose size 2 x 1.50 m.

3. Colors and accessories
Flowers are generally viewed from the board of colors and accessories in the boards. Do the wrong color, in other words determine the color you want. Wedding Flowers / Congratulations Flowers is different from Bereavement, unless you want a different atmosphere. Choose accessories simple but has its own uniqueness. So much lovely. Accessories interest divided board 2, which is the basic foundation sponge or flower (leaves). Basic sponge has advantages in terms of colors that are set by the seller. Generally good. While the basic flowers tends to 1 or 2 monotone color alone. But the basic course to have more flowers in selling high-value basis rather than sponges.

4. Crown (crest)
Flower board consists of 2 parts (tassel) and bottom (legs). The longer the better course cowlick than just in the middle of it. Ask for a long plume from the left end to right end, so it will look better. Should ask for an orderly arrangement of flowers to make it more beautiful, do not overlap. Crest than the 3 points, long crested better.

5. Quality flowers
Quality of board interest rates are generally not as good as a table or standing (iron). This is because the board usually flower arrangements for the 1-2 day only event. For the opening ceremony or grief, you should have flowers that can hold 3-5 days. Of course more expensive.

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