September 13, 2009

About Cattleya Orchid

About Cattleya Orchid 

This orchid is the largest flower in between the many types of cut flowers in the world. Cultivate the land need not be extensive. On the back of the house too, can. Cultivation and maintenance of Cattleya, not too complicated. If properly maintained, and regularly are usually not many problems were encountered. The main thing in the maintenance of Cattleya is watering, fertilizing and spraying disinfectant drugs must be given. The sequence of activities to cultivate Cattleya as follows: 1. Land preparation Cattleya orchid cultivation, usually built a special room, such as greenhouse or plastic house contained story shelves that could be made of wood. The size of the building, according to the plant to be cultivated. 2. Cattleya orchids are orchids grown by using pot. Thus the determination of pot fillers, as a growing medium is very important. Media used to grow may be a block of fern, charcoal, bricks, coconut fiber, or pine bark. Usually these materials cleaned, and soaked in a solution of fertilizer or pesticides. As an alternative, and also recent findings that worth a try is the use of volcano stone (a stone with the hole-hole / pumice) or also the remains of brick fragments, which we can buy cheaply in brick maker. These fractions, diced, or about 2-3 cm. Entry stages in the potted plants; Prepare earthen pot, whose size is adjusted to the plant. Then the pot holes, so there is drainage of excessive. 3. Enter the media to grow in pots, then take Cattleya orchid seedlings carefully so as not damaged and broken. Orchid seedlings planted, right in the middle of the pot and then Hide or cover with a thin medium. Tried to be not too full, so there is air in and prevent root rot. 4. Always requires attention, and special care in order to grow up. Especially temperature and light problems. In general, the growth requires Cattleya temperature 22 degrees Celsius with minimum temperature 15 degrees Celsius. 5. Do not be too watered too high temperatures, can cause dehydration or lack of water. Direct sunlight, if allowed to burn leaves. So the intensity of light is the ideal, for the growth of Cattleya is approximately 40-60% of sunlight. To get this light, we can use plastic or zinc paranet. 6. Another thing to consider is, the problem watering and fertilizing. In Cattleya, watering should not be done too often. Should be done every other day. For a fairly dense media such as ferns, watering should be done once a week. So in essence, look past the media. While still wet, should not be used because the roots need watering, too dry periods. For fertilization, should be done every other day, either by spraying or watering.

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