October 14, 2009

Express Your Love With a Bunch of Flowers

To be honest though I was a man, I love flowers. Most men are more fond of the things associated with masculinity or whatever they call it. Want an example? Let's just say sports boxing, football, racing or breeding iguanas and sheepdog.

How to maintain interest? Ah, it is usually women's affairs.

I personally do not care what anybody says. Obviously I love the flowers. There roses ( red roses and white roses ), hibiscus and lilacs behind my house. There are also a variety of flowers on the left side of my house. I love them all to the point that I do not know their names. In short, the beauty of nature is my passion.

Then what flowers were colored? For me, to enjoy it. I have not thought to make it a business.

Used in western movies often described how a man who was intoxicated by declaring his love affair with flowers. Her idol woman who received a bouquet of flowers would be smiling broadly. Then he spoiled voice will approach the man and gave him kiss.

The question is, whether it was romantic when a man declares his love to her heart with Far idol or a bunch of flowers?

I must admit that although really liked the flowers, I have never expressed love with flowers. Once when I was in college, I like it straight out, meeting women who are estimated and immediate flow of words of love and "seduction, seduction crap". This is more practical and cheaper, and more importantly faster.

Maybe any of the readers who would answer Yes; Love can be expressed through the flowers, especially roses Far fragrant and red or pink.

How to express love through the internet? In the virtual world ( online ) today, expressing love with flowers need more visits from a digital perspective. Meaning? Yes, still relevant to use flowers, but better use of Bank Rate, so that the woman idol of your heart can pay online or toll-growing swollen when he was intoxicated by romance. This is not a materialist but pragmatic. What do you think?

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