October 23, 2009

About Tulip Flowers


"A tulip is a flower in the genus Tulipa, comprising about 150 bulbous species, and in the family Liliaceae.[1] The native range of the species includes southern Europe, north Africa, and Asia from Anatolia and Iran in the west to northeast of China. The centre of diversity of the genus is in the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains and the steppes of Kazakhstan. A number of species and many hybrid cultivars are grown in gardens, used as pot plants or as fresh cut flowers. Most cultivars of tulip are derived from Tulipa gesneriana."(wikipedia).

The beauty of tulips in a country famous Dutch flowers in winter between the months of March to April is very charming heart with different shapes and colors. At first tulips grow wild in Central Asia and West Asia.

Turkish Ottoman Empire captivated by theand perfection of tulips and tulips began to grow since 1000. Tulip motif has long been widely used in ornamental art of Persian and Turkish. The name given to Europeans tulips come from Persian for the turban (Persian: dulband) because when the tulips bloom yet fully shaped to look like a turban. Therefore making the national flower of the tulip as Iran and Turkey.

In the famous Dutch tulip was so nicknamed as "Tulipomania" because of rapid development. Submit annually to plant tulips in the city of Ottawa as a thank you to Canada who liberated Holland from Nazi Germany and during the occupation period generously providing residence of Queen Juliana who was then still a crown princess.

The types of tulips that have been known since ancient times has a striped pattern, "a brush stroke," or "flames" or have other colors in certain parts of the petals, whereas the kinds of the newer has a colorful pattern on petals. For examplewhite tulips, red, etc.. Another touch of color on the basic color of tulips caused pigment changes at the top and bottom of the flower. Asfor types of tulips there are various kinds including: Single Early, Double Early, Kaufmaniana, Fosteriana, Triumph, Darwin Hybrid, Greigii, Single Late, Late Double, Lily-flowered Tulip, fringed Group, Viridiflora, Rembrandt, Parrot.

And for the efficacy of tulips can be used for patients with anemia, bruising, abnormal blood density, blood stagnation, blood cancer, high blood pressure and low blood, internal bleeding, blood circulation disorders, back pain, parasites in the blood (the red tulip ).

Species of Tulips :

 * Tulipa acuminata (Horned Tulip)
    * Tulipa agenensis (Eyed Tulip)
    * Tulipa aleppensis (Aleppo Tulip)
    * Tulipa armena
    * Tulipa aucheriana
    * Tulipa batalinii
    * Tulipa bakeri
    * Tulipa biflora
    * Tulipa borszczowii
    * Tulipa butkovii
    * Tulipa carinata
    * Tulipa celsiana
    * Tulipa clusiana (Lady Tulip)
    * Tulipa cretica
    * Tulipa cypria
    * Tulipa dasystemon
    * Tulipa didieri
    * Tulipa dubia
    * Tulipa edulis
    * Tulipa ferganica
    * Tulipa gesneriana
    * Tulipa goulimyi
    * Tulipa greigii


    * Tulipa grengiolensis
    * Tulipa heterophylla
    * Tulipa hoogiana
    * Tulipa humilis
    * Tulipa hungarica
    * Tulipa iliensis
    * Tulipa ingens
    * Tulipa julia
    * Tulipa kaufmanniana (Waterlily Tulip)
    * Tulipa kolpakowskiana
    * Tulipa korolkowii Regel
    * Tulipa kurdica
    * Tulipa kuschkensis
    * Tulipa lanata
    * Tulipa latifolia
    * Tulipa lehmanniana
    * Tulipa linifolia (Bokhara Tulip)
    * Tulipa marjolettii
    * Tulipa mauritania
    * Tulipa micheliana
    * Tulipa montana
    * Tulipa orphanidea (Orange Wild Tulip)
    * Tulipa ostrowskiana
    * Tulipa platystigma
    * Tulipa polychroma


    * Tulipa praecox
    * Tulipa praestans
    * Tulipa primulina
    * Tulipa pulchella
    * Tulipa retroflexa
    * Tulipa rhodopea
    * Tulipa saxatilis
    * Tulipa sharonensis
    * Tulipa splendens
    * Tulipa sprengeri Baker
    * Tulipa stapfii
    * Tulipa subpraestans
    * Tulipa sylvestris (Wild Tulip)
    * Tulipa systola
    * Tulipa taihangshanica
    * Tulipa tarda
    * Tulipa tetraphylla
    * Tulipa tschimganica
    * Tulipa tubergeniana
    * Tulipa turkestanica
    * Tulipa undulatifolia
    * Tulipa urumiensis
    * Tulipa urumoffii
    * Tulipa violacea
    * Tulipa whittalli


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