September 11, 2009

About Red Roses

About Red Roses 

Red roses grown in suitable locations with a height of eight hundred, a thousand two hundred meters above sea level.
From the beginning of planting until harvest take up to ten months. Seeds of red roses that are planted here is a combination of red roses seeds imported from the Dutch with the local red roses. Seeds obtained by grafting techniques.

After a phase grafting, indukan allowed to grow for two months. When the new shoots developed in the greenhouse. After the age of about ten months of red roses at harvest. For local commodities, red roses are harvested at the bud emerging twenty-five per cent.

Treatment plants red roses are not so complicated, can use manual or automated equipment, through a system of drip irrigation hose. Plant red roses with water twice a day in the morning and evening. After the plants grow, given the organic fertilizer.
The provision of artificial fertilizer is NPK fertilizer every two weeks so the roots grow faster, sturdier stems and flowering plants faster. Results of red roses gardening is promising. For land 700 square meters can be planted about 5 thousand trees.

After 10 months of plant can produce 100 stems of red roses at the price of two thousand dollars per stem. In order for the red roses that have been learned should be placed in long-lasting in a vase that was given water. Every 3 days the water was replaced and the stems are cut under water.

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