September 8, 2009

How To Take Care Flowers At Home

How to take care Flowers at Home

Fresh flowers bloom can grow if we are diligent care. This treatment not only doused with water alone, but requires more maintenance if the flowers to keep blooming, beautiful and not wilted. Here are ways to take care of Fresh Flowers:

Flowers in pots or vases
· Clean used pots or vases of flowers (Florist), because the pots or vases should be clean
· If you want to plant flowers in pots, put just enough soil and fertilizer to grow and flowering plants. While the vase filled with water only for soaking the flowers.
· Thrown with water. More better if flush with warm water.
· Cut stem end tapering to plant until the water seeped in through the plant stem.
· Florist Flower of Avoid heat or direct sunlight to flower (Flowers) did not wilt or die quickly. Good sunlight for plants that flower between the hours of 7 am to 11 noon. After that the interest should be moved to a more shade.
· Move location of the leaf when touching the water surface in a vase to avoid development of bacteria in the vase.
· Watering flowers (Dried Flowers) should do it every day, in the morning or late afternoon.

Garden flowers
In a garden or flower garden, make sure we get good soil for growing plants or flowers. The fertile soil can be generated if given sufficient fertilizer, like compost. Also, do not let the grass grow wild garden (Florist Decoration).

The depth of the soil also needs to be considered in planting plants or plants Flower Florist. Plants should be planted at the proper depth, which is not too deep or too close to the surface of the ground, in order to find the perfect watering (Dried Flowers).

Irrigation or watering of flowers is important in caring for the flower garden, to grow flowers always blooming and beautiful and remain fertile garden soil. We recommend watering the garden every day, morning or afternoon. Watering can be done so that the maximum, we can use the water hose to water the garden (Florist Decoration). But keep in mind the quantity of water, which is not too much nor too little, the important water should soak into the roots up. See Buy Flowers Online and Cheap Flowers Online.

If the leaves or flowers have withered, should be cut because the eye-catching. In addition, if the leaves are wilted or cut flowers, will be able to produce more flowers (Flowers Decoration).

Usually, where there are flowers there must be an insect. If there are flowers in the garden insects such as wasps, bees and butterflies, will be able to help the development scattered through flowers, as in the process of pollination. These insects called good insects. There are also micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria that can be used as compost. This fertilizer is usually derived from animal waste.

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