September 4, 2009

Flower Types and means

Flower Types and means

Be careful, the selected types of flowers, reflecting the seriousness of your love. Therefore, you must know what the message conveyed by trying each type of flower. Do not let the flowers for an official girlfriend, was given to the affair!

If you fancy him, but did not dare say hello, let alone express words of love, give her gardenias. This flower has a meaning of "secret love" or quietly as you like with him.

With this interest, you can say "I want to be more than just a friend". This interest also means that you really care and be ready whenever he needs.

Rose-pink or white roses
If another bad relationship, due to one or several things, try to send him flowers. The flowers of this species, it is appropriate to say "I still love and will always love you".

To say "You are the one in my life", try to give him a lily or other flowers are yellow. This interest also means that "You are the most special person in my life".

Rose petals are small, have a very deep meaning. I think you have really stuck with this person. This flower said, "I can not live without you".

Red tulip
If you receive a red tulips, you deserve to be happy. How not, this flower to say that you are a "perfect lover" in his life. The sender wants to express that you are such a beautiful flower.

From the name alone, you have guessed what he wanted to say that this type of ngasih flowers. Bouquet of flowers was a small blue revealed that the sender is to find "true love" on yourself.

Red roses
This flower symbolizes "love and passion". That means you have the same inner and outer serious him, and ready to go into further levels, such as engagement or marriage.

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