October 16, 2009

Tips to Caring for Cut Flowers

Fatigue life full of activity? Saw a series of fresh cut flowers can certainly entertain you. Unfortunately, cut flowers age quite short. How to choose to have cut flowers can last long?

Here are tips for choosing your flowers:

Once you get flowers from Flower Shop, pay attention to the bottom of the rod. Choose flowers that clean the bottom of the trunk. If the part is already soggy or smelly, it's saved at least 24 hours of outdoor air.

For flowers that are stored in the refrigerator space, the end of the stem is usually clean. But we still can guess his age by checking the power of the trunk. Select stems that are still hard.

Buying flowers still buds. Flowers that have bloomed a sign he was already living a little.

We recommend that you buy flowers in Florist in the crown of flowers still closed paper or plastic cone so that the crown protected the flowers.

If the distance between the Florist or Flower Online Shop and your house far enough away, have a container of water as a place of the flowers in order to prevent dryness.

Before entering the flower in the container, first clean the leaves and stems of thorns.

Clean the bottom of the stems also from the mucus and feces that can contaminate the water.

When put flowers, leaves do not there are submerged in water in the container. The process of cooking food by a residue of leaf carbon dioxide (CO2). When the carbon dioxide locked in the water and absorbed by plants again, of course, will damage the plants.

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