October 22, 2009

Environmental Concern campaign through Wedding Party

CAMPAIGN environment touches all aspects, including the wedding paraphernalia. In fact, today most of the prospective brides prefer green wedding theme for weddings. Does this theme will be the trend in 2009? We'll see! Bride chose a green wedding dress with real waist line. Why? Many women are choosing wedding gowns that fit in the body rather than ornaments in some parts of the body. However, it does not mean the bride in 2009 was set aside in the model. They still choose a dress that looks great and elegant. They also prefer to dress with a lower neckline that accentuated the shoulders and neck. The touch of bling to beautify the appearance. Extra bling on the last few years always included in the dress and jewelry. Metalics, lace, and satin is very popular to this day. The selection of bright colors tend to be dominant like the green. Sweeteners bouquet hand did not escape attention. Additional crystal bouquet adds elegance. Therefore the bouquet in the hands of the bright, sparkling, and elegant so you would believe yourself stepping into the aisle. Compared to the other, crystal exempt. Adding crystal there is no limit. Because the crystal is perfect worn in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Switch to color selection. Red, yellow, purple, and orange is the color commonly used in wedding bouquets. However, the green carpet is now dominating the wedding. Capable of impressive green natural accent. This is synonymous with environmentally friendly and supports the concept of outdoor weddings. Fresh green color into its own allure for couples who perpetuate the historic moment in their lives. Public awareness for better care and more environmentally friendly .. To reduce the waste does not decompose, they prefer to use recycled materials. In addition, a wedding held outside the room had a good purpose. This is because it relies on sunlight as the light, thereby reducing electricity consumption.

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